Friday, February 09, 2007

Friday report

Well, today was fun!

I enjoyed my silly survey and your funny responses. This is not about lack of trying or concentration for me. I have concentrated until steam poured out of my ears, and I've even tried using my fingers! I've heard the genetic line before, and that's what I'm claiming - it was all one of my great-grandparent's fault!

Well, today I hung out with Rosie, but we didn't stay at home, we had a big day on the town. First item on the agenda? Get her 18 month pictures taken. Pictures are important around here. I get them done at 5 weeks 5days, 3mo., 6mo., 9mo., 12mo., 15mo., 18mo., 21 mo., 2yrs., 2 1/2yrs., then each year after. (None of my children will be able to say that they don't have pictures of themselves at least.) Since I got my handy digital camera, I do occasionally make the necessary photo packages from a fantastic photo if it was in the correct month, but not two in a row, and not for a birthday pic. I took Rose's 15 month pic. And she's only 18 months old for two more days. SO. First I called the Walmart that's ten minutes from me (but two minutes from my mother-in-law) to schedule a photo appointment. I'd heard a rumor that some of their photo studios were closing and guess what? It was true. Next I called the walmart that's five minutes away. Yup. That one too. Okay, so the two remaining studios were both about 20 minutes away, so I went with the one closer to Gran's, in order to drop off Anna Kate; Ethan was already there. And - hooray!- my favorite Walmart photographer that usually works 40 minutes away, now works there. Things were looking up. Rosie was perfect. I kid you not. My eighteen month old put her little hands wherever the lady told her to, and kept them there. Tilted her head. Smiled on cue. Took absolutely perfect pictures that I can't show you. Then we went to pick up her beloved bananas (she can eat three a day, and it's her first word nearly every morning) and a loaf of bread, and she charmed the rest of the store.

Next we needed to get a Batman action figure for Ethan completing his sticker chart. (And, boy, did he work hard!) We stopped at the first Dollar General on the way home (we have to pass three.) No "man" in sight, but there was a thrift store I'd never visited next door. Poor Em. They had a quarter bin, two actually, full of children's clothes. 45 minutes and 8 dollars later, I had for Ethan : 1 pr.shorts, a new blue camouflage zip-up sleeper, 3 t-shirts, 1 long sleeve shirt and for Anna: 2 pr. shorts,and several shirts and blouses. Plus a book of piano sonatas and a surprise for Lindsey. Rose was still in good spirits, despite it being way past lunch. She had, after all had a banana and half a slice of bread.

Onward to Long John Silver's. This had been a long time coming. I love their food, they have great coupons - Brian can't eat anything they serve. Except maybe the coleslaw and shrimp sauce. So we got a big sampler and cup of water to share. And she wouldn't eat anything breaded. So I had to unbread the chicken and fish, which she then devoured. Poor child. The joy of growing up in a gluten-free household. She's never had breaded foods.

Finally, we stopped at the dollar store closest to Gran's and found the needed Batman and took it to Ethan, who was, coincidentally, dressed like Batman.

We had so much fun, and I'm so glad that it's the weekend! I feel like a kid. I miss Brian so much during the week, and it makes me so happy to have him home. But I think he's allergic to weekends, because he got sick again tonight. He fights so hard to keep going all week, and that's about all his body can take. I'm hoping a good night's rest and not having to go to work tomorrow will help him to wake up revived. I have to get Ethan's birthday picture.

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Hannah said...

Well, you sound like you had a ton of fun. And the deals with the quarter bins....niiiice!
Anyway, you might want to make a note to everyone that you call Rosie, "Em", on occasion. It kinda almost threw me off too. ;)