Wednesday, January 24, 2007

What's the best mattress?

I need some help here. Brian, with his fibromyalgia, has had lots of back pain the past few years, but I haven't had any since elementary school (except for when I'm pregnant, of course). The past few weeks, though I have had a lower backache that has gotten progressively worse. Long story short, I think we're overdue for a new mattress. I've researched them a little, but I just get more and more confused. It seems that every store has a different name for the same mattress, making it virtually impossible to comparison shop. I'd be willing to spend substantial amount for a good mattress, but don't want to find out later that the $300 one at the liquidation sale was the same thing (or just as good) as the $1000 one I just bought. That would kill me - I'm an extreme tightwad about stuff like this. So help me out. Did you get a great mattress at Sam's or Big Lots? Did you have a lot of back pain that was relieved by a particular mattress? Please tell me!!!

And now, on to a prayer request. I'm coordinating a funeral dinner for 120 people tomorrow. Please pray for the Greene family. The grandfather went to be with the Lord and joined his 5 year old granddaughter who passed away suddenly in November. This family needs lifted up. And I humbly request your prayers for me as well. A nerve is trying to get pinched in my back and when it does, I can't stand up straight or lift things. It's been fleeting in that effect so far, but getting worse overall. So pray that it doesn't do anything weird tomorrow at least. Thanks, friends!


Terri said...

I love my pillow top matress. They say that if you flips it each month as instructed that you'll never have to buy another matress. Go to a store, ask them to show you a pillow top matress, and then just sink in.

Christina said...

Hi Alicia! I just came over from Lux Venit. She tagged us both for a homeschool meme. Anyway, my mom has fibromialgia and bought a Tempurpedic mattress. Two years ago when I was pregnant and going to be on bed rest for 6 months my husband bought me one too. I didn't have the soreness and joint pain that I had the last time I had to be on bed rest. In fact, I slept without any extra pillows through the whole pregnancy!

If you want to try the idea of Tempurpedic before investing in one, I'd suggest buying a 2" topper at a place like Costco. We used one for a year and it did help a little with my back pain. And you get an idea of what it's like.

Consumer Reports did a study on non-traditional matteresses and found that Temurpedic scored very high. People either LOVED them (like us) or hated them. There wasn't much inbetween. I think they may have a period of time where you could take it back if you hate it. I'm not really sure, but a good matress dealer would know. I hope that helps!