Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ethan's Birthday Pics

I know these are reallllly late, but my computor quit acknowledging that I have media card readers, and even my teckie husband can't figure it out. So we're on to Plan B.

Ethan's cake on his actual birthday.
He served his cake by himself and would resheath the cake slicer in the above manner .
The requested "Transformers cake" showed up at his real party a week later when everyone was feeling better.


Hannah said...

What kind of cake is the Transformers? I mean, did you bake the Transformers cake too and just get it decorated or what?

Alicia said...

It is a Dairy Queen chocolate covered cherry blizzard cake that we stuck minicons on top of.

Hannah said...

Does your Dairy Queen do like Steelton's and make a gluten-free cake part?