Friday, January 19, 2007

Are your hands dried out this winter?

I wash my hands constantly, partly because I have kids, partly because I'm a germaphobe, and partly because I cook. A lot. As a result my hands start drying out when we switch from central air to heat, and are usually dry, cracked open, and bleeding the rest of the winter. Yippy skippy.

But I now introduce to you my skin saver : Sunlight Ultra Sensitive Skin. Best stuff on the market. You know how Palmolive is supposed to be gentle? It gives me detergent burns. But I wash my hands all day with this in the kitchen and it actually makes awesome suds for dishes too ( not like some of those soft detergents that leave you going,"Where's the bubbles?"). I had to share, because someone out there still has the stinging hands I had a month ago. Hands too sore to even knock on a door. If that's you, try this stuff!

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