Friday, December 08, 2006

Please pray for our family

For those of you who don't already know, my brother Nathanael is back in jail for the third time. He is a thief and a liar, and other than that pretty much the nicest guy you'd want to meet. But he has really done it this time. Third felony, parole violation, federal offense - it's looking really bad. Not to mention that he has a wife and a four month old daughter now, too (and he's just 24 years old). And it gets much worse than that in terms of the legacy of destruction he's left in his wake, and the massive problems it is causing my parents. And it is promising to get even worse, before it gets better. Please, please, pray that he finally hits bottom hard, sees what he really is, and sincerely repents and turns to Christ. Then all of this misery would be worth it. Pray for his wife and innocent child. Pray for my parents. Pray that I can have wisdom to help my mother deal with this mess and encourage her from several states away.

I told my mother right after it happened that God will always get glory from whatever happens. He will. It's really just adjusting our thinking. In terms of eternal destinies of those we love most, it is not always easy to rest in that. My new prayer is, "God make my desire to see you be glorified more important than anything I feel, or anyone that I love." To God alone be glory. Every knee shall bow.


Kim said...

I will pray...I'm sorry to hear this.

Dan Edelen said...

Lord, we pray that you would call Nathanael and that he would hear your voice. Draw him, Lord, and bring him under conviction. Lead him to repentance and salvation, by the power of your Holy Spirit, and for your glory. Show him mercy and grace, Lord, that he might praise your name and love you all the days of his life.


(Thanks, Alicia, for including Cerulean Sanctum in your blogroll. Blessings on you and your family.)

Kelly said...

I will pray. Your situation made me think of a book I saw the other day called, "When I Lay My Isaac Down."

Alicia said...

Thanks, Kelly. I just went and ordered that book for my mother.

Rachel said...

Still through it all, God's hand works and there is peace and joy in knowing that His best will follow even the most horrible situation. Faith and trust are the bulwark of His children and they uphold us so that we cannot fall.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I know how you feel. My brother is 27 and has been in and out of trouble and jail. He messed up again several months ago and has had to spend the last four months in jail. He was just released yesterday. It is very hard to know what to say to my mom; she just really hurts for him.

It's February now (I'm making my way through your archives), and this was posted a while back--I hope things have gotten better.