Friday, December 15, 2006

Five things to do this weekend

  1. Visit a living nativity. We have a really great one about 40 minutes away from us that's worth the drive.
  2. Bake Christmas cookies. Leave some for the mailman, and save a container for the UPS guy too.
  3. Check to be sure your camcorder batteries are charged, and be sure that you have enough memory or blank tapes. You could record all of the Christmas activities that you do this week along with songs, verses, and messages. This makes a wonderful great-grandparent gift. My Nanny said that she watched hers over and over again last year.
  4. Make plans to see the premiere of Love's Abiding Joy tonight at 9EST on the Hallmark Channel.
  5. Finish most of your Christmas shopping. Save your mall shopping for a weekday morning so that you don't get trampled.


Anonymous said...

How did you go about finding your nanny? I've been looking into them a little, trying to find a good christian nanny for a good price is so difficult, they all want $15/hr! How do you manage it, any insight would be appreciated!

Alicia said...

Dear Anonymous,
I'm so sorry to have misled you! "Nanny" is a common name to call your grandmother in the area of the country where I grew up. However, I have helped someone find a nanny before. Have you tried posting a note on your church bulletin board, and asking friends that go to different churches to do the same? Also if you live near a Christian college, you might try posting it on their job board, someone may be sitting out a year or have a sibling that isn't in college right then that would be a great nanny for you. It just so happened that when I mentioned someone needing a nanny to one of my friends, she told me that her younger sister had been looking for just that kind of job. So tell all of your Christian friends that you're looking.

But may I be so forward as to ask that you be sure that you're not short-changing yourself. It sounds like you really want what's best for your kids, and that's YOU. Often when you add the price of transportation, quality child care, and other work-influenced expenses such as food and clothes, you really would save money by being home with your very own children, loving then yourself. I know that this is not always possible; I just love being home with my children so much that I hate to see anyone miss out on the joy if there is another way. :^) Please take this as encouragement, not judgment. God often makes the impossible happen.

Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

I watched the whole Love Comes Softly marathon on Hallmark yesterday! I love those movies...I was a tad bit disappointed in the new one but it was still good.

I've thought about giving our mail lady cookies but I was afraid she'd freak out over homemade (you know how people are these days, you never know).