Friday, November 03, 2006

Thanksgiving Psalm Memory Challenge

The Sparrow's Nest had an encouraging post on memorizing Bible verses, personally, and with your children. I wanted to share how our family has been memorizing Scripture lately. and then issue a challenge to those of you who need a little lift in your efforts. (And I certainly wouldn't mind the accountability to keep my own family on track).

I used to do just what Mrs. Wilt does, teaching verses while doing everyday activities. I still do that, but found I sometimes needed a better way to be more consistent in order to memorize larger passages. Now we try to recite our "verses of the week" at each meal. I am amazed at how quickly my young children can memorize.

Our most recent passage was the Lord's Prayer. Anna Kate and Ethan both memorized it, and as we begin to thank the Lord for our food, Anna Kate frequently says,"let's pray our new prayer." Ethan queried recently,"doesn't God want to hear about something different and not just the same thing?" (Smile, sounds like something I've said before.) Yes to both. We usually end up praying around the table. And Rose loves to pray too, taking back our hands, bowing her head and expressing grateful gibberish, just when we think we're through.

Our next passages are a review of Psalm 100 from last Thanksgiving, and then two weeks to learn Psalm 150 in time for this Thanksgiving. I challenge you to try this in your own home if you do not already have a Scripture memorization program working for you. I would love to hear which Psalm your family chooses to memorize for Thanksgiving.

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