Friday, November 03, 2006

Thanks to Good Mothers

Today Rose and I went to a huge homeschool book sale. We were able to get many new textbooks and fiction books for $1-2. The only downside was juggling a 15 month old and a big cardboard box filled with books. But as I moved from the sidewalk sale to the inside of the store, a sweet young boy magically appeared to open the door.

On our way home, we stopped for some new piano books for Ethan, and then at Little Ceasars to pick up a pizza for lunch. This time, I was juggling a 15 month old and a pizza box, and a kind young man practically ran to help me with my car door.

This certainly doesn't happen every time I'm juggling. Actually, it's kind of rare. But to have it happen twice in a row made me want to say "thanks" again. Not just to those boys, but to the mothers (and fathers) who undoubtedly taught them to be gentlemen. And it reminded me to remember to teach my son the same.

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Kim said...

That's great! We pray that mothers and fathers are training their young boys and men to be pure and gentlemen...our daughters need godly husbands. I'm glad to know it is happening!