Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Out of the mouth of the babe

I wrote this down right after it happened, but then I lost the note. So this is my best reconstruction...

Brian and I were discussing the fact that God is not bound by a time-line like humans. He transcends time. I commented that "he even rewound death" at times, bringing the dead back to life. About this time, Anna Kate starts chiming in from the background, " I know what rewind means." Certain that she is about to explain the workings of a VCR, we continued our conversation. But she was not deterred, and again insisted, "I know what rewind means." So I gave in, and said, "what does it mean, Anna?" And then I got a surprise.

"To rewind death means to take it away. And it not be there anymore. And we don't go there. And that's what Jesus did."

I was speechless.

Of course, not everything she says is that profound.

Last evening's devotions were the story of Mara, and the children of Israel's repeated search for good water. Brian read how they found a place with good water...Anna Kate enthusiatically took over,"and they had a picnic, and they roasted marshmallows, didn't they? And they made smores. I think they made smores!"

You never know what that girl's gonna say.


David N said...

I always wondered where smores I know!

NPC said...

Nathanael Claytor >>> Hey my blog is (http://pharoahs-land) there is nothin there I just set it up. But I am at work that is how I am online. I started Saturday working as an Assistant Manager at TOMS in Middletown. TOMS is a gas station/convienece store. I love you.

Alicia said...

Yay! I'm so glad you're online. I love you too!

NPC said...

If u are awake after 11 tonight I will call u.