Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The gift of an experience

Tickets to all sorts of things are great gifts. Purchase family memberships to the zoo or science center. I want my children to appreciate cultural things too. Try tickets to the ballet, a children's concert at the symphony,or a children's theatre production. I know that these sound expensive, but local colleges often have free plays and concerts. Also our local symphony association has a program for homeschoolers that offers tickets for just a token price. In the past I've given my husband tickets to Lord of the Dance and he's taken me to plantation for the day, and another time bought me tickets to Les Miserables. You could also make your own "tickets" up for a variety of local activities like ice skating, a historic home tour, etc., and make your kids a tour package. Give the gift of a day trip to an attraction, event, or historic site farther from home. Treat grandparents by taking them along to activities they would enjoy sharing with your family. And classes or lessons: cooking, sewing, gymnastics, piano. Be creative and do your own. And tell me some of your ideas.

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