Friday, November 10, 2006

Five things to do this weekend

  1. Find a footbridge over running water and play "Pooh sticks." (This is the name my children have given to reenacting a scene from a Winnie the Pooh cartoon where the characters stood on a bridge, and threw sticks into the water, and watched them float downstream.)
  2. Check your local paper for any living history events in your area. We're having beautiful weather and are planning to attend one near our home tomorrow. The children love to watch someone turn sheep's wool into thread. It fascinates them.
  3. Rake some more leaves.
  4. Try out this amazing twist on pumpkin pie. I had the nerve to serve it at Thanksgiving in place of the traditional version several years ago, and there's been no going back.
  5. Stop and look at your children and take a moment to really see them for each of their beautiful selves. Then hug them close and thank God for this day with them; life is a vapor. I served a meal before the funeral of a five year old today. It makes you grateful for every moment God gives you with those you love. Pray for Laura and Jason. Their arms feel empty tonight.

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