Sunday, November 19, 2006


Do your kids ever sound just like you? I apparently have a habit of giving a three point answer as to why my kids can't or will do something.

Rosie has a cold and has been fussy today. She was still fussy when she went to bed tonight. After the girls had been in bed for a few minutes, I heard Anna Kate start griping at Rose and Rose's fussing escalating. (Rose gets very upset if Anna Kate gets out of bed and leaves the room, especially since she's stuck in her crib.) I went to their room to settle them back down and opened the door just as Anna Kate was ready to open it and walk out. She immediately launched her defense:
  • A. I had a bad dream
  • O. Rose is screaming and keeping me awake
  • A. I'm going to your room to go to sleep.

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