Saturday, October 28, 2006

Five things to do this weekend

  1. Take your kids to a fall festival.
  2. Carve pumpkins. We always share the pumpkin gospel. If you don't want to do a jack o'lantern face, check out this beautiful way to carve a pumpkin at By Sun and Candlelight. Just scroll down the post until you see the pumpkin.
  3. Walk the easy hike at your local state park.
  4. Build a bonfire, invite the neighbors over, and make smores.
  5. Collect leaves and do this foliage friends craft at family fun.


Anonymous said...

so, I checked out the family fun foliage buddies and they are sooo cute! great choice of things to do in the fall. Have you done them all yet?

Alicia said...

All but the hike. We did collect leaves,pinecones,acorns, and pine needles on a walk around Gran and Pa's pretty neighborhood. We even saw a baby snake!